The seed for Katrina's book Protected For Purpose: A Journey to Destiny was planted on Sept 24, 2011, while she was working as a traveling laboratory technician in Tuba City, Arizona. She turned to writing at a young age as a means of coping with the hardships she faced. The journals which became the premise for her book discusses her struggles with abuse, the untimely passing of her daughter, her journey to sisterhood, and her spiritual growth. The book which will be released in two parts,  chronicles the challenging walk of a woman whose faith in God is continually tested beyond her wildest imagination. It highlights the long-term damaging effects of domestic violence, it provides insight into the mind of a suicide survivor,  and it showcases the true meaning of inner resilience. A life plagued with substance abuse, molestation, abandonment and repetitive failures left her broken in ways that seemed irreparable. Through it all, Katrina found peace in writing. Through her faith in God, she was finally able to find her voice and acknowledge the purpose of her pain.

Today she focuses on teaching others how to pray past their pain and encourages them to press through seasons of despair. She emphasizes the importance of praying towards your God-Given purpose and most importantly, the necessity of seeking God's protection through all things.